McGill ID and PIN

If you have never used your Minerva PIN, it is essential that you first change your temporary default PIN in Minerva from your birth date (YYMMDD) to a new 6-character PIN before you sign in to McGill in Mind.

  • To do so, go to Minerva and login using your McGill ID number and your temporary default Minerva PIN.
  • Your 9-digit McGill ID number was eamiled to you.
  • Your temporary default Minerva PIN is your birth date (for example, June 22, 1985 would be 850622)
  • You will be prompted to change your PIN and create a security question. Follow the on screen instructions.
  • After you have changed your Minerva PIN, return to this site and login to McGill in Mind.

If you have difficulty using Minerva, please refer to the Help section on the Minerva website, or contact Service Point.